Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blackest Night #6 (of 8)

Running a bit late with this one, but my comics shop owner took a rare vacation last week, so this issue of Blackest Night wasn't available (to me) until today.

Somewhat surprisingly, not a whole lot happens in this issue, though there are some impressive scenes and the stage is set for the final run toward the finish.

The issue begins with the heroes of Earth in a bad spot - Nekron has "reclaimed" all the heroes who have returned from the dead (and there's a mess of 'em), with only two holdouts - Green Lantern and The Flash - and two Black Lantern rings are closing in on them.

I have to admit, as a longtime Silver Age fan I'm really enjoying that the focus of this series has been on Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Ray (The Atom) Palmer and Aquaman's wife, Mera (a sadly underused character).

The series is showing a new audience why those characters are beloved, and I'm really enjoying it.

Kudos to writer Geoff Johns for keeping this series moving along briskly (even though this issue features quite a bit of moving the pieces into place).

Artist Ivan Reis is doing phenomenal work here, with amazing detail and power on display - all delivered on schedule! And that two-page spread with John Stewart in space, trying to outrun a few million Black Lanterns, is breathtaking.

So another strong issue, and I even love the ads in the back of the comic for the one-shot spinoff issues like The Atom and Hawkman, The Phantom Stranger and Starman (among others) - lots of fun, and once again giving a boost to some Silver Age favorites.

What's not to like?

Grade: A-

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