Thursday, December 17, 2009

Captain America: Reborn #5 (of 6)

Just to make sure I'm not cracking up, I went back and checked, and sure enough, previous issues of Captain America: Reborn indicated this was a five-part mini-series - but now it's a six-parter.

Which is fine, because this is one of those stories that's so good, you almost hate to see it end.

With this issue writer Ed Brubaker moves the pieces into place for the final showdown between Steve Rogers and his allies and the Red Skull and his cronies.

After spending who-knows-how-long jumping through time and reliving key moments in his life, with this issue Steve realizes something is different - he's in an alternate New York as it might have been 70 years ago, if the Nazis had won World War II.

And that's just the beginning to the adventure that finds Captain America's body back in the present, but someone else in control.

That may be the one fault I have with this series - Cap has been a victim throughout, unable to save himself from the Red Skull's time trap. However, there's still time for that plot point to turn around.

The art continues to be amazing, as Bryan Hitch and Butch Guice load in dynamic splashes, insane amounts of detail and intense, emotional scenes throughout.

With one issue to go, this has been one of Marvel's best stories from the past year. Here's hoping it has an equally-dynamic conclusion on the way.

Grade: A-


Peter Wallace said...

Yeah, I remember when they announced they were extending the mini by an issue. I thought we talked about that on the list? I haven't read this issue yet. Thanks Chuck!

Chuck said...

Pete, I had heard about it, but had apparently forgotten. When I picked up this issue I expected the conclusion to the story - at least I did until I saw the "5 of 6" on the cover.

Of course, the New Avengers Annual already spoiled the ending to the "Reborn" mini-series...