Monday, October 26, 2009

Beasts of Burden #2

I should admit that I'm not a big fan of horror - unless it's done well.

And in this, the most unlikely horror comic around, you can see just that. Beasts of Burden is a great twist on the "Spook Squad" idea, as an unlikely team of animals works together to guard a rural community (Burden Hill) from the terrors that lurk on the edge of the real world.

Having animals talking to each other seems like a silly concept, but here it's played straight, in a Richard Adams manner, and it works.

Here writer Evan Dorkin serves up a disturbing tale that shows the team out of its league against a terrible foe - and it all begins with the heartfelt story of a dog who has lost her two babies.

From there the story goes to places you might never suspect, and it's as unsettling and horrific a story as any fan of the genre would want to read.

The art by Jill Thompson is fantastic as she infuses an amazing amount of emotion into the faces of the characters. She's doing terrific work here!

I can't recommend this for everyone. It's genuinely disturbing in places, and tough to read sometimes. But if you're a horror fan, this book is must reading.

Grade: A-

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