Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blackest Night #2

I always thought zombies made poor monsters. Slow, shambling, easy to outrun or fight back against - as long as you stay out of their grip, what's to worry about?

Not that I'd like to run into one, especially with their modern upgrades - these days they're fast, fierce, smart and utterly evil.

Those are exactly the kind of undead creatures the heroes in the DC Universe are facing, and as this issue of Blackest Night shows, it may be a battle they can't win.

The army of the Black Lantern Corps continues to grow as rings seek out the dead and somehow reanimate and reconstitute their corpses.

Here we see the battle raging on several different fronts, including quite a few members of the Justice League (some alive, some not). The central figures are Green Lantern and the Flash, who team up to take on the Martian Manhunter.

Geoff Johns has a gripping story building here, and Ivan Reis provides some powerful art, including some stunning full-page spreads.

For a battle like this to be an epic, at some point while reading it you have to wonder, "How can the good guys possibly win?" It's a question you'll ask yourself more than once here.

The fun part is seeing how it all works out. Bring on the next chapter!

Grade: A-

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