Saturday, July 11, 2009

Batman #688

I should admit up front that the whole "New Batman" storyline is mostly leaving me cold, although I have been enjoying the Batman and Robin title (mostly because of the creative team).

I had planned to restrict my Bat-buying to that title only, but there wasn't much out there to review this week, and according to the blog title, I'm trying to review a comic a day, and Mark Bagley did provide the art here (yay), although Judd Winick wrote it (eh).

So, what the hey, here's Dick (Batman) Grayson, taking over the big job from the deceased (snicker) Bruce (Batman) Wayne.

This issue picks up with Batman becoming a bit more public with his crusade against crime, while the Penguin and Two-Face hatch plots, each against the other two. That's about it for this issue, which has a few nice moments with Dick and Alfred talking about the job - but otherwise not much happens.

Bagley's are is excellent as always, but seems to be buried under a dark pallet of colors. I know, the comic stars the Dark Knight and his adventures should take place in the evening - but it's a shame to obscure the art like this.

I actually like Grayson in the title role - he makes a cheerful, acrobatic Batman who's much more like the hero as he was depicted when I was young.

If only this comic could feature more story to go along with it.

Grade: C+

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