Sunday, May 24, 2009

Captain America #50

I'm afraid our pal Captain America is suffering from a "special issue" overload.

This month we have issue #50, and next month, in Marvel's latest math-challenged move, Cap celebrates issue #600! (The idea, of course, is to get the comic back to its original numbering. I have no idea if the number is accurate or not, since there have been several first issues in recent years - but I'll take their word for it.)

In the battle of which issue is the most special (50 or 600), I suspect the next issue will be the winner. But that's not to say that this issue is a slouch.

Here the focus is on Bucky, and we flash back and forth from the present to his memories of working with the original Captain America during World War II.

It's a nice issue, it's a solid issue, the story by Ed Brubaker is fine, the art by Luke Ross is quite good, there are some touching moments, and a couple of good back-up features - but it's still a "quiet" issue.

But judging by the hints we're getting, we can expect all hell to break loose next time around.

Now, if I could just figure out how to file these issues with all the crazy numbers...

Grade: B

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