Sunday, January 25, 2009

Conan the Cimmerian #7

This issue of Conan of Cimmeria provides something very few Conan stories have done before - namely, insight into that character's childhood.

It also gives us some clues about why, throughout his life, he's driven to wander so far from home.

Writer Timothy Truman has done a terrific job with the first seven issues of this title, weaving a story of Conan's first return to his homeland with a story about his grandfather, Connacht, who had also wandered the lands of Hyborea, only to return and stay in Cimmeria.

It's a strong bit of work - among the best in Truman's career, and that's certainly saying something.

The art holds up its end of things, including Richard Corben's outstanding work bringing Connacht's story to life with some of the most beautiful work in his career (again, that's no faint praise). Tomas Giorello also turns in some excellent work here, savage and primal, perfectly capturing the bleak world of Conan's kin.

We can only hope this high quality of work will continue into the months and years ahead. For now, Conan the Cimmerian is off to a strong start.

Grade: A-

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