Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Avengers / Invaders #6 (of 12)

So here we are at the halfway point in this maxi-series, and I continue to be stunned by: 1) How good the cover art is; and 2) How bad the rest of the comic is.

And I'm a big fan of The Invaders! I should be loving the idea of seeing the real Captain America again, along with the criminally-underused original Human Torch, the also underused Namor, Bucky and Toro. Instead, I look at this comic and wonder where those characters are and who the imposters are in their place.

This issue focuses on the Human Torch, who has decided that SHIELD's army of LMDs (Life Model Decoys) equates to slavery, so he's decided to set them free. Somehow this desire on his part causes all the LMDs to immediately turn on SHIELD and the Mighty Avengers, and a big fight scene breaks out. The Torch seems awfully certain that no one's going to get hurt, especially considering the LMDs are all armed with big scary guns. Which they're firing. At humans.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Toro makes a shocking discovery - in the present, he's dead! Of course, he does the natural thing - he blames the Torch!

Maybe my expectations were too high for this series, or maybe it's just that the story can't live up to the great cover by Alex Ross.

Whatever the reason, writer Jim Kreuger's story continues to leave me cold, and even the interior art by Steve Sadowski and Patrick Berkenkotter seems rushed and uneven.

Maybe the story will be redeemed in the last half of the series by a shocking twist that'll bring it all together. But so far, it's just been very disappointing.

Grade: D+


Cephas said...

Yeah... sigh... another great premise with interesting and underused characters fades away into crap. I still blame Krueger. He managed to hold me on to this series, regrettably, up to this issue, but he lost me much earlier on the Project SuperPowers series from Dynamite.

I totally agree with your review here, Chuck. The story is maddeningly crazymaking.


Chuck said...

"Maddeningly crazymaking!" I love it - don't be surprised when I steal it one day soon.