Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Avengers #27

While the Avengers vs. X-Men maxi-series rolls on, the regular horde of Avengers and X-Men titles has been running alongside with varying degrees of success.

Some fit into the continuity of the series badly (Secret Avengers is all over the place, for example), but one of the most successful is New Avengers, which has managed to avoid conflicts with the main story by being set entirely in the distant past.

It's focused on the relationship between the Phoenix Force and the Iron Fist of long ago - who just happened to be a beautiful red-haired woman.

This issue wraps up that flashback (which also manages to incorporate elements from the SHIELD series by Jonathan Hickman) and brings us up to the present, where we see the modern-day events that tie into that story of the past.

The issue is mostly a feast for the eyes, with amazing artwork by Mike Deodato and color art by Rain Beredo. His characters exude life and energy, and his landscapes (set in the mystic city of K'un-Lun) are stunning.

We're also treated to some terrific dialogue by Brian Bendis - especially during the modern segments, as he shares a side of some characters that we might not expect.

I don't know that this is vital to the enjoyment of the AvX series, but on its own it's a beautiful comic - a genuine work of art.

Grade: A-


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